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Episode 10

Episode 10: Save My Soul

Published on: 7th October, 2021

Who will save your soul? On this episode of Jollyland, Jenny McClain continues down the wrong path. Katy Barrymore makes an appearance and offers Jenny a deal. 

Melody and Sebastian continue their first day of school and Coach Bear is eager is give them a lesson on perseverance.

Steve makes his second appearance ever since “Carol of the Bells,” but Cindy makes it very clear that their relationship is over for good. 

Stacie and Andrew the EMT guy get more acquainted and Principle Carter returns back to go check on Jonathan Serrano. 

What else will happen on this episode of Jollyland? Listen for more —as the kids learn more about the legend of Krampus and as Hans Trapp’s evil masterplan slowly begins to unfold. 

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JOLLYLAND is a fictional-fantasy Christmas tale inspired by the legend of Krampus and Hans Trapp.



Written by Marc Shawn & The Vocalizers 

Produced & Directed by Marc Shawn Serrano 

Edited by Marc Shawn Serrano, Marie Katz & the Vocalizers.

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Featured Song - “Save My Soul" by ALIBI Music Library

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About the Podcast

Created by Marc Shawn & The Vocalizers
‘Tis the season to be jolly, unless you’re in Jollyland. Created by Marc Shawn Serrano & The Vocalizers, Marc Shawn & The Vocalizers present one of the "Top 100 Comedy Fictional Podcasts," heard in over 97 countries around the world.”

"Jollyland" is a fictional tale that explores fear, death, poverty, domestic violence, self-acceptance, and bullying. It is set around Christmas, inspired by the legend of Krampus and many other Christmas legends, such as Saint Nicholas, Hans Trapp, La Befana, & many more.

This is a scary dark comedy. Listen discretion is advised.

Starring: Over 39 voice actors from over a dozen countries! Refer to each episode to see our list of voice actors.

Written by Marc Shawn Serrano & The Vocalizers
Produced and Edited by Marc Shawn Serrano
Directed by Marc Shawn Serrano & Marie Katz

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